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Saturday, November 3, 2012

photo-a-day october

Another month, another photo challenge complete! October seemed to go really fast in our part of the world! We had a lot of fun celebrating fall at the pumpkin patches and enjoying the Halloween festivities. Of course, going on holiday in the middle helped the time fly!

Anyways here are my October instagram photos for the fatmumslim photo challenge:

1: where I stood - on the front doorstep of our new rental home 
2: lunchtime - I missed lunch in favour of a run 
3: this happened today - little boy got dressed in his sister's bedroom... Nice headband Toby! 

4: what I read
5: shadow - at Gene the Pumpkin Man's place
6: I'm thankful for - the Chemical Bros when I started to get tired during my 5 mile run this morning.
7: light 

8: angle - this is the only photo I took today. It's been one of those days. 
So instead of 'angle' how about my little 'angel'. 
9: red - target - gotta love it! 
10: emotion - excited to be in a yellow taxi in Chicago :) 
11: close-up - enjoying a taste of English chocolate thanks to our visitor :) 

12: on the table - pancakes for lunch at Cracker Barrel
13: landscape - whizzing by as we sit on our trick or treat train ride 
14: makes you laugh - hilarious comedy on the BBC! 
15: dinnertime - whoops I forgot this one! 
16: something I wrote

17: fruit - do you see what I did there?! 
18: made you smile today - "Barbie' and Diego on a date! 
19: letters 
20: 4 o'clock - playing 'Candy Land' with hubby and son 

21: calm - before the race 
22: in my town - heading north up the 131
23: the view from here - Spaceship Earth from Italy 
24: weather - the sun is shining in Disneyworld 

25: people - watching Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood studios 
26: listening to - a compilation cd my friend gave me from the movie 'once' 
27: morning - 9am and on the 131 heading 'up north' for the weekend
28: looking back

29: moon - it's hazy out tonight (and freezing!) 
30: clothes - in the washing machine
31: whatever you please - Halloween fun 

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