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Thursday, November 22, 2012

pumpkin pie and turkey

We had a great first Thanksgiving.

The sky was a beautiful blue.... Probably the last 'warm' day for a while! It looks like the temperatures are set to drop and we might even get snow tomorrow!

Leon our 'Elf on the Shelf' arrived last night (whilst we were sleeping) and brought the kids Christmas PJs and 'Arthur Christmas' on DVD. They were so excited to see him sitting on the toy shelf in the basement. I spotted Charlotte just staring at him with a look on her face as if she was working it out in her head - hopefully thinking about how good she will have to be now! Anyway more about him later this week.

We spent the morning watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, getting things ready for dinner and Jeremy took the kids for an explore through the neighbourhood whilst I tried to put a few more of our things away in the house. We have unpacked a lot of the boxes but that means that a lot of things were thrown in cupboards. Because we are renting for just a couple of years we want to get settled as soon as possible.

Before dinner we crashed on the sofa and watched Arthur Christmas. We loved it! It is a great explanation for the kids on how Santa gets round everyone with plenty of grown up jokes thrown in! I especially loved that Toby snuggled up to me and I was gutted when I had to get up to finish off the dinner.

And so to the dinner. Our first thanksgiving meal in America. We roasted a turkey, mashed some sweet potatoes, constructed a green bean casserole, creamed the corn, baked the stuffing, cut up some jellied cranberry sauce (very weird but tasty) and boiled up the turkey gravy with a bit of the turkey juice thrown in!

It was all fabulous and the kids loved it too. They were excited to try everything they had been learning about at school (great way to get them to eat!) and Toby could not get enough sweet potato mash or cranberry jelly.

The showpiece was the pumpkin pie that my friend baked for us. I have to say I was pretty hesitant as a lot of people said they don't like it. But apparently it's not thanksgiving without a pie so we bought a can of 'reddi wip', found the cake slice and gave it a go. And it was delicious! There was enough sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon to make it a sweet dish and Charlotte even asked for a second helping.

We couldn't get a small turkey, the green bean casserole would have fed a family of 8 or more and we only made a small dent in the pie so I think we will be having turkey everything with a slice of pie thrown in for at least a week! It was an epic Christmas-style/fat-pants-needed/too-full-to-move kind of dinner.

It's funny to think that whilst we spent the day relaxing and eating turkey much like we would on Christmas day, our friends and family back in England were going about their Thursday as normal.

Only a few weeks until we are England bound! Yay!

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