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Friday, November 30, 2012

photo-a-day november

I am still playing photo-a-day with fatmumslim
Here are my November photos:

1: something beginning with 'C' - I found a really comfy chair in the book shop!
Kids playing, I have coffee and comfort... Bliss! 
2: colour - the newly refurbished Radisson hotel in downtown Kalamazoo
Spoilt for choice - love the colour of my new handbag!

3: breakfast - casserole for lunch! 
4: tv - watching the F1 race on speed
5: 5 o'clock - busy creating a photobook
6: a favourite thing - seeing my two kids spending time together

7: reflection - buildings in Chicago 
8: something I do everyday - turn the light on 
9: small - my pocket notebook 
10: can't (won't) live without - these crazy kids!

11: night - our last one here 
12: drink - a G&T in the hotel after the first day of our removals at our house
13: where I slept - in a hotel whilst our house is packed
14: man-made - I love this photo.
There was a beautiful sunset at the back of our new house
but the prompt was man-made. I like how I managed
to capture the sunset whilst photographing the car

15: in my bag - everyone has a mini scoop don't they?!
16: the view from my window - a beautiful frosty morning
17: the last thing I bought - 2 tickets to see matchbox 20 at our local theatre
18: happened this weekend - we got to go to our first american football game
at the University of Michigan

19: something awesome 
20: work/play - food shop in Trader Joe's followed by
a Marshmallow and Gingerbread treat at Biggby
21: what I wore - my tomato red gap shoes
22: grateful - for my friend who made a delicious pumpkin pie
to finish off our first Thanksgiving meal

23: black - Friday. But we missed the sales in favour of getting this :)
24: a sound I heard - you know it's Christmas when
you are going crazy listening to the singing reindeer! 
25: (grey) sky - over Kalamazoo
(note Hubby's slide-with-coffee-in-hand skills!)
26: (my new craft) cupboard - won't stay tidy for long!

27: tree - on my handmade Christmas tree decoration 
28: vehicle - you know a boy lives in the house
when you find cars lined up all over! 
29: (little boy in a) big (world) 
30: on the wall - nothing... yet! (The joys of moving house) 

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