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Thursday, August 30, 2012

pink tulle wreath

Charlotte has never been that girly... until the last few months! She loves pink and princesses so we are having a Princess themed party at our house for her birthday and I wanted to make a few decorations.
My friend made a beautiful green tulle wreath and I thought a pink one would be perfect for the party.

Here it is:

To make it you need a large straw wreath, 3 rolls of tulle and 3 rolls of wide pink ribbon (added decoration optional).

Keeping the plastic on the wreath, wrap the ribbon round the wreath form to cover the straw. I used greening pins to secure the ribbon. You could hot glue it.

Cut the tulle into strips that are about 20cm long. If you use it on a reel, you don't need to worry about the width.

Tie each of the lengths of tulle onto the wreath. I used a reef knot. Tie them off centre so the knots end up just about on the front of the wreath. 

When you have worked your way round the whole wreath you can fluff it up. The more tulle, the fuller the look. 

I use another greening pin to secure a small loop of ribbon and hang it on a nail or hook on the wall.

The 'Princess' wooden plaque is attached with 2 pieces of ribbon stapled to it.

I am planning to sit 3 of her Princess dolls in it when I put it up for the party.
I am also thinking of turning it round and attaching eggs to make it into an Easter wreath. 

Here are some photos which might help:

Top left: First roll of ribbon attached to the wreath form with a greening pin. The next piece of ribbon will cover this pin.
Top right: Measuring the tulle strips
Bottom left: Knotted tulle strips on the wreath
Bottom right: The underside of the wreath

So let me know. Was this interesting? Did it make sense?! Did the photos help? Are you feeling inspired or a bit confused and sick from the sight of all that baby pink tulle?! 

Either way, I will do another post about her party (it's on the 8th Sept) and hopefully I will capture some of the highlights on camera (if I am not up to my elbows in cupcake frosting and jam sandwiches!)