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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have been a bit crafty since we moved here.

I don't mean devious or deceptive.

I mean I love reading craft blogs then shopping in our local craft stores Michaels and Hobby Lobby for supplies and heading home to get a bit crafty for a few minutes or hours if I dedicate an evening to it.

I have always loved stationery, colourful pens, funky erasers, tins and cases to organise them in. I used to collect stickers and could spend what felt like hours choosing stickers in a book shop in Manchester. I have a terrible memory and I have already forgotten a lot of my childhood but I remember my love of stickers.

When one of my best friends was getting married, she asked me to help make her Wedding Stationery and so in started my relationship with craft stores. I then made all of my Wedding stationery and favours and was delighted when a few years later my lovely Sister-in-law asked me to do hers.

A love of card making has turned into a family affair as my Mum then got hooked and my sister-in-law on the Dean side. She makes beautiful cards and is now selling them! Well done you Mrs!

However since moving here I have changed tack. I loved card making but it became a chore and I never got to enjoy the fruits of my labour as I would pop them into an envelope and send them on their way.

Crafting is huge here in America, almost every American I know does some sort of crafting from sewing to fun crafts with kids to wreaths and bunting to decorate their houses.

There are tons of craft blogs online and I have a couple of friends who are really good at creating decorations and who inspire me with all their gorgeous photos on Facebook.

So if there is a 'holiday' coming up like Easter or Halloween I turn to the craft blogs or Pinterest for inspiration and try something new.  I am no craft genius and everything I do is really quite simple. I find it so relaxing to get some material or paper out of the cupboard and have a go at making something. Wreaths are my favourite. They look great hanging on the front door or on a wall or cupboard door.

I even got my mother-in-law involved. She made a beautiful purple flower wreath and helped me create my 4th July wreath. Poor lady pierced her fingers a couple of times trying to push greening pins into the styrofoam wreath!

I have made a number of wreaths and displays for the house, some of which I have photographed and put on facebook. But I thought I might put some details on here in case any of you are feeling crafty and fancy giving it a go.

So watch this space for my first 'tutorial'!

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