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Friday, August 10, 2012

corn belt

We live in the 'corn belt' of America (amongst other things like the fact Michigan is classed as Mid west?!) which spreads from North and South Dakota through Wisconsin and Ohio, Michigan and down as far as Kentucky (yes OK I had to look up those states to work out the geography!)

Anyway ...

I love the sweetcorn here!

Our neighbour's parents live on a farm and are often giving them more food than they can eat, which is great because we got nine ears of freshly picked corn this week and it was delicious! When it is in season, we can usually get it fresh from the farmers market for a few cents an ear or $5 for a dozen.

I can't believe how cheap it is, though this year they say it is more expensive because they have had to irrigate the corn fields during the unusually hot weather this summer. The poor farmers have had no end of trouble with hot weather and a very early spring, followed by weeks of frost then more ridiculously hot weather.

But it is still very cheap, in abundance at the moment and deliciously sweet and juicy. The corn here is multicoloured with yellow and white kernels, the white ones being the sweetest. And if you cook them just right and eat them whilst they are still hot, they literally slip out and into your mouth as you take a bite!

The best way to buy them is with their husks still on and eat them within one or two days.

Here are the ones Jen brought over this week:


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