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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

a night at the theatre...

I took Charlotte to see her first broadway musical this month. 

She loves watching live shows but this was the first time we went out on a Mummy-daughter date, all dressed up, for a night out at the theatre. 

I've always loved going to the theatre. As a kid I loved pantomimes and the farces that the amateur dramatics group put on at the local Church. 

I remember my first broadway show. My parents took us to see Les Miserables in Manchester. I really didn't want to go! I thought it would be boring classical music and remember making quite a fuss about going (sorry Mum and Dad!). Boy was I wrong! I loved it! It definitely started my love affair with musical theatre.

As a teenager, friends and I would pay £10 to stand at the back of the stalls to watch musicals like Phantom and Les Mis in the Manchester city centre theatres. And I still love them to this day. I've seen Phantom of the Opera in Manchester, London and New York. I've seen most of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals and my new favourite is Wicked! 

I love the whole experience. From getting dressed up, to looking around the historic theatres with their grand staircases, breathtaking views from the opera circle and beautiful decor. Live music can move me to tears, I find it so powerful. 

So I really wanted our kids to love it too. They are used to sitting still for long periods of time (thanks to 8 hour flights to the UK and back) so we've been able to take them to a few shows at our Church and at Disney. They are often on the edges of their seats, mesmerised by the performance in front of them. 

When I heard that Beauty and the Beast was coming to Kalamazoo I decided it would be perfect for Charlotte and I. It didn't start until 7:30 so it was a bit late really, but she is a night owl like me so easily stayed awake until we left at 10:30! 

The whole way there she kept saying "This is so exciting! I love you Mummy!". We arrived just in time to get our seats and discuss how the last time we were there was for her school production of 'A Christmas Carol'. That made the evening even more special! 

She sat so still through the whole show, watching in awe as the characters sang and danced across the stage. The show had a couple of slightly inappropriate story lines and costumes but I think it went over her head! It was really quite funny in parts and quite the production with lights and streamers! 'Be our guest' was my favourite and Charlotte said hers was the lady sing with Besuty and the Beast. 
She stood up at the end to applause each of the performers and the look of adoration on her face when Belle came on the stage was wonderful! 

We had a lovely time together and I hope she remembers it for a long time to come. Hopefully she might even recall the night to her kids one day. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

red rocks and pink jeeps...

Around Thanksgiving we got the amazing opportunity to go away without the kids for a much needed re-charge (thank you Granny and Papa!).

I asked for some advice on where to go and got a resounding vote for Sedona in Arizona. A new place for us and a 'tick' on the 'places to visit in America' list.

So we packed our bags, flew to Phoenix (4 hours on a plane with no kids and you can accomplish quite a lot - I almost read a whole book!) then drove 2 hours north to Sedona. We arrived under the cover of darkness so had no idea what was around us until we opened the curtains the next day......

This was the view out of our window! 

Part of the resort. 
It is set into the canyon so there are views like this wherever you are in the resort - 
in the spa, the restaurants, the pool or your room. 

The red rocks in Sedona are just so beautiful.

Cathedral Rock

Chapel of the Cross

At sunset they light up as the setting sun shines all of it's glory on them.

Each day we ate breakfast in our room, went for a hike, had a rest, ate lunch, hiked, rested, ate dinner and then more relaxation in the spa.


The days were warm and sunny but being in the desert, the nights were freezing! Sedona is about 15oF colder than Phoenix so we didn't get to do a lot of sunbathing. The highs during the day were only 50-55oF but the sun made it feel warmer.

On the Friday morning we took a Pink Jeep tour around Sedona. It was just the two of us as we booked onto the extended tour at the last minute.We got to see a lot of the rock formations in and around Sedona and had a lot of fun riding in the jeep. I won't spoil all of the surprises it in case you ever get the chance to go to Sedona, but if you do, I highly recommend the Pink Jeep Tours.

Fault lines run through the rocks

Cheesy magazine pose! 

Our tour guide took my camera and had a bit of fun with a photoshoot... What a location to get some couple shots!

I was cracking up too much to play along - this was the 'help we are falling down the rocks' shot! 

Saturday morning we took a group hike from the resort to the Teacup trail. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to keep up but we did a really easy hike and I was able to take lots of photos and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

There were a couple of places to hike to from the resort. Up on this rock you could find a flute player who handed out heart shaped rocks and a girl playing a didjeridu. We listened to the music and just sat and took in the view. 

And of course we had to try the prickly pear margaritas! Cheers!

An actual prickly pear (anyone singing the Jungle Book song?!) 

We spent the last night at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix as we had an early flight home and we wanted to do a bit of shopping at the big mall in Phoenix. 

The art deco hotel lit up at night. 

And then it was time to leave and go home to hug our babies.

Pretty things to see at the airport (you know how I love colour!!)