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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

grey clouds overhead

Colitis sucks.

I am feeling totally overwhelmed at the moment.

I know it is ten times harder for the person with all of the symptoms but I am out of my mind with worry and trying to find a solution and a cure through food and lifestyle.

I miss my husband. He is so tired from lack of nutrition and dehydration. He is sleeping in the spare room in an attempt to get some rest as he is up half the night in the bathroom. All we have talked about for the last 2 weeks is how to get him well.

Colitis takes over your life.

And the really scary bit is how it is linked to his cancer and the constant threat of more cancerous tumours (pathology came back this week to say there aren't any in his colon at present... Phew!).

So the doctors are very worried about him at the moment but hopefully he can beat it soon and we can take a good hard look at diet and exercise going forward to prevent future flare ups. There are some really interesting thoughts on how strict exclusion diets can help, specific foods that help inflammation and he is seeing a chiropractor.

So please lots of prayers and positive thoughts whilst we battle through and hope that we can start living rather than surviving.


  1. J is very lucky to have a very clever wife who spent 4 years studying food and nutrition - if anyone can get his diet into gear, its you ;0). Thinking of you. Sending lots of love, and good energy diet thoughts your way xxx

  2. Hugs to Ruth and Jeremy

    I so hope you can get it sorted xxx

  3. Thank you! New meds this week if the insurance company give the ok so fingers crossed!