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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

it's all gone a bit south...

Yesterday we went on another road trip east to a hospital just outside Ann Arbor which meant a 2 hour drive. So what did we listen to? Did we tune into a hip radio station and check out the latest chart music? No. Did we plug in our iphones and reminisce with some classic tunes from the UK? No. DId we listen to one of the CDs my friend gave me with all of her favourite tunes? No. Did we log into Pandora or Radio One and listen to the latest music via the internet? No.

We listened to my guilty pleasure Blake Shelton.

This is Blake Shelton:

He is a popular country music singer and a judge on The Voice. Country music! Can you believe it? But I really like him! He sang on the Voice so I decided to buy Jeremy the CD for his birthday as he is had already admitted that he likes country music. Just recently I have been using his car to get to run camp and given the other thing that Jeremy listens to in his car is boring University radio I have found myself putting Blake's CD in and turning it up loud to keep myself awake at 8am on a saturday morning! 

So there you have it - I am turning more and more American by the day! 

Though I still can't make myself understood at a drive-thru! We went for coffee today and as I was driving I had to do the ordering. Jeremy didn't see what the big deal was but after it took 5 minutes and a number of attempts to order 2 coffees (decaff, 2 sizes, two types of milk) he was laughing his head off saying "they just don't understand you do they?!" Maybe I need to practiceMichigan drawl...

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