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Thursday, April 26, 2012

just for the health of it...

The Borgess Run Camp has been amazing!
I am only training for a 5K but have already run 5 miles twice and am thinking of signing up for half marathon training over the summer.
It all started at a friend's house. A few expats, new to the area, met up for pre-Christmas drinks and we got talking about exercise. I was challenged to run the 'Borgess Run for the Health of it' and agreed to train for the 5K.
So one evening in January I headed to the induction evening and tried to find out what I was letting myself in for!
After getting kitted up at Gazelle Sports in town I was ready and raring to go!
And then reality hit and on a very cold and snowy February morning I got up at 7am, put on my new  shoes and trendy new running gear (any excuse to shop!) and headed out to the first run camp.
I was pretty nervous as I only knew one person there and what on earth was I letting myself in for?! It was freezing and I am not a morning person!!

Here we all are meeting for the first time. 
A mix of eager beavers training for the marathon, half marathon and 5K. 
I believe there are about 800 people in the run camp! 

That's my friend in purple and pink who got me into this mess! 

And so the fun begins! First week and I could barely run for 3 minutes! 
We only did 2 miles but it felt like such an achievement! 

Rob - my first coach and the guy who got me started.

Yep we ran in snow, rain, thunderstorms but most of the time in beautiful sunshine

Brian - one of my team leaders

Halfway through a 4 mile run with David (the other team leader) cheering us on! 
He kept me going many a time especially up one very steep hill! 

Some of my team - 5K-OSS

With my running buddy Bobbi

I couldn't have done it without the tremendous team spirit at the camp! 

Here's to a happier and healthier 2012!! :) 

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