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Friday, February 27, 2015

afternoon siesta...

It's Friday. It's been a busy few weeks. I've had something on almost every evening. Life is good but it clearly caught up with me today...

Toby and I were playing 'Guess Who?' in the living room. I was laying down and I knew I was sleepy because I asked Toby if his person had brown hair, then blonde and then white at which point he laughed and said "Mummy I told you ages ago that he didn't have any hair!". 

At the end of the game I lay my head on the floor and closed my eyes to day dream, as the sun was pouring in through the window, that it was summer and 80o warmer than it is right now. 

The next thing I knew I opened my eyes and realised I had been asleep and panicked as I have to leave at 3 for the school run! I looked up and saw it was only 2:35 so I lay back down again to come around. Then looked over to see that Toby was lying very still next to me. On closer inspection I realised he was fast asleep too! 

I stroked his hair and whispered to him that it was time to wake up but he snoozed until I got him into the car! He was so cute and peaceful, curled up on the carpet! 

We must have looked a sight though! Two bodies laid out on the living room floor in the middle of the afternoon!! 

When he woke up in the car he said with a smile on his face "See! I told you I wouldn't fall asleep on the way to school!" 

No you didn't Toby. But thank goodness I woke up when I did or Charlotte would have been the only kid left at school! 

This evening he told me that he came over and tickled my feet and when I didn't move he packed up the game and then decided he was tired too so laid down with me. Bless him! 

One of those stories that you want to remember when they are big and grown up and have left home...