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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

first day jitters...

Charlotte started Kindergarten today. For those English folk that is reception. They start kids later here so even though she would have started full day primary school in England and have been pretty much the oldest kid in the class, we chose to put her into the 'lucky ducks' program here with her friends who are all around the same age. The cut off is December not August and we have more flexibility here on when they start school. She will go from 3 days a week to full time but half the day will be spent in Kindergarten and half the day in preschool. We hope this will help her self confidence and encourage her leadership skills... Which by the way are just fine when she is at home... as Toby would tell you!

So last night I packed her bag full of school supplies (oh how I love new pencils and markers!), put her lunch in the fridge and kissed her goodnight knowing that the morning would bring a whole new chapter in our lives.

I know she is ready to move up. And I have known this day was coming for a long time but it didn't stop me being full of anxiety! I was wide awake at 5am, partly because I was worried about over sleeping and partly because Jeremy gets up then to go to yoga!! My stomach was in knots and I could feel the tension and anxiety building. I don't really know why. I guess I just wanted everything to go perfectly and make sure I had done all I could to make the day go well for her.

The morning at home went really well and she was happy to pose for photos by the front door.

Of course Toby wanted in on the action too!

We even managed to get into the car and leave the house on time at 7:55am and got to school around 8:15. School starts at 8:25 so plenty of time for a couple of photos outside.

And then the enthusiasm waned and suddenly Charlotte froze. The sight of a new classroom and new teachers got the better of her and she refused to go in! I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. Oh how I wanted to just bundle her back into the car and go home! But we hung her bag and coat up, found her a spot at a table with her friends and told her teacher it was her birthday yesterday which was a great distraction! She was able to wear a crown all day and have a fuss made of her. Perfect! 

Thankfully I have been busy all day so not too much time to worry about how she is doing. And I know she will be fine. 

But I will be glad to get her in an hour and find out how she has done.

My baby girl is growing up!

Update: We picked her up and she was smiling! When asked what the best part of her day was, she replied "Being at Kindergarten!"

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