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Thursday, September 5, 2013

the salty lake

One of the best bit about Martha's Vineyard was introducing the kids to the seaside and the ocean (but if you asked Jeremy he would probably say it was seeing where Jaws was filmed... I'll let him tell you about that bit!).

They were not too sure at first - I think the saltiness of the water was a bit of a shock and the seaside was referred to as the 'salty lake' for the rest of the holiday!

But by the second trip to the beach the kids were loving it! The waves were far too powerful to let the kids swim in the water but they had hours of fun splashing at the edge and being battered by the waves!
They were begging us to take them down to the water and hold them whilst they tried to jump over the waves.
They were so powerful that the adults could ride the waves back onto the shore! But you had to make a swift exit over the pebbles before the next wave!

Now that is what I call waves! 

Here is a video I took one evening just before sunset. There is nothing quite like the sound of waves crashing onto the shore...

Charlotte loved collecting shells and came back with 2 bags full... Poor Papa had to carry most of them each time we visited a beach!

Here is her stash! 

The sand was pretty grainy and dry which was lovely to walk on but didn't make for easy sandcastle building. But with a bit of work on the 'recipe' I managed to get the right ratio of sand and water and impressed my son with a couple of proper sandcastles. He was quite happy using a washed out ice cream tub to make mini ones.

And there was a lot of fun to be had digging holes and burying children!

Our little mermaid

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