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Monday, September 9, 2013

going over to susan's house

I loved that song by the Eels...

Anyway I have heard so much about Martha's Vineyard through a lady called Susan Branch. She lives on the island and is an artist / author / cookery writer and traveller who loves England! She writes a blog which I follow and she fills it with stories and photos of her life on the Island.

A friend told me about her as she thought I would like her enthusiasm for Britain but I have also really enjoyed learning about Martha's Vineyard. So when Jeremy suggested we took a holiday there, I jumped at the chance to see it all in person.

The same friend challenged me to find her house. I know a bit stalker-ish but I love a challenge and she writes so much about her house and her garden and often posts photos of both. I searched through her blog for clues as to where she lived. I knew it was number 70 from a photo and she mentioned her local town of Vineyard Haven. Then my Father-in-law found a phone book at our cottage and low and behold she is in the phone book!

So as part of a day trip we stopped off in Vineyard Haven and parked up outside her house. I was so excited to see the house in person and be able to picture exactly where she is when she talks about taking a walk into town. As was my friend who I texted as I sat outside the house!

Vineyard Haven is a beautiful town and we wandered past the quaint shops to the bookstore where she did her first book signing - Bunch of Grapes Bookstore. The staff were lovely and fascinated by our English accents!

Their display of Susan's books and calendars

We all found a book we wanted and walked down to the harbour laden with our purchases to get an afternoon treat - an icecream from the best store in town (according to Susan) - Mad Martha's! Oh how I loved sitting on the sea front, tucking into ice cream, watching the seagulls fly by and breathing in the salty air!

Looking over at a Ferry arriving I think! 

Thank you for all of your sightseeing advice Susan, we loved our trip to Martha's Vineyard and hope to visit again one day!

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