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Thursday, September 26, 2013

crayola wreath

One of my crafty friends here in Michigan recently inspired me to make a 'Crayola Wreath'. She had made a couple for the start of school and the bright colours really appealed to me. I have seen it a few times on Pinterest and have been wanting a reason to make one.

So I decided to make one to hang above the kids' work station. They love to colour and paint and generally make a mess. A while ago we bought a shelf system from ikea (inspired by a friend from the UK) and set up a little area for them in the kitchen, where they can work and have easy access to their pens and colouring books.

These buckets from the dollar section of Target (and a Mickey Mouse cup from a birthday party - I really need to find a third tin bucket!), hold coloured pencils and paint brushes. 
Plus there is a little box to collect clutter. 

The top two drawers are full of paints, ink pads and stamps, scissors and tape.

The next one down holds tins of marker pens, crayons and stickers

The bottom one is the perfect size for all of their colouring books

I'd love to say that it is always this tidy, but in reality it often looks like this!:

The other wall has wooden letters spelling out A-R-T, string and clips from Michaels to hang their artwork. And the 'work of art' above theirs is mine! I did it at Happy-our-art. 
It's no masterpiece but I like the colours and well I don't take myself too seriously! 

Anyway back to the wreath! It is so easy and fun to make.
I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I think mine has a few too many browns and I'm not sure about keeping the whites in, but the letters do a great job of covering up any 'imperfections'.
I love it and will probably make another one... It would look great in the kids' playroom or in Toby's bedroom! Or maybe as a teacher gift at the end of the year.

To make one you need about 60 - 70 crayons, a 10in and a 7in embroidery rings, hot glue and ribbon to hang.

I used 2 packs of 48 crayons so ended up with 2 rainbows. If you use 3 packs of 24, you will get 3.
Empty out the packets, pick out the 60+ colours you want to go with and arrange them into rainbows. As you work your way round the rings you will need to think ahead so you end up at the end of a rainbow. You can also mix the colours up as a simpler way to do it.

Then just start glueing the crayons onto the rings. Be careful to make sure they all sit along the same part of the rings so you have a 'perfect circle'. I used the black lines on the end of the crayons as a guide. It will make sense once you start glueing.

You can add any embellishments you want to. The kids decorated these letters at Charlotte's birthday party so I just blu-tacked them on for now in case they got upset and wanted them back!

Oh how I love kids' school supplies! 

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