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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

highs and lows...

I have an awesome group of ladies around me here in Michigan who have a positive influence on me every day.

Sometimes in huge, go out of their way, insightful, deep and meaningful ways and sometimes just a little comment thrown into a group conversation makes a big difference!

So I thought I would share that gem of an idea here, to record it for future reference and in case anyone reading this thinks it's a good idea too.

If you manage to get your family around the dinner table at the end of the day or you are trying to extract something more out of your kids, on the day home from school, than "it was ok" or "nothing much" then try the 'high-low' game.

Ask them to tell you one thing that was a high, the best thing that happened to them that day and their 'low' or the worst thing that happened. Try it, you might be surprised at the answers you get!

Take today for example; we managed to all sit down to eat together before Jeremy goes away for the weekend. Being a Wednesday, it was 'Mummy and Toby day' and we don't have many left so I am trying to make them count. Make them memorable. Savour this special time together.
Today we had some errands to run so started the day with a Biggby hot chocolate, then a special trip to Church where Miss Jan and Miss Kristen made a big fuss of him. We took the dog for a walk (we are dog sitting, so Tallulah is THE most exciting thing in our house at the moment) and the sun was shining so Toby could ride his brand new 'big boy bike'. We also visited a friend who just had a new baby. Being a 5 year old boy I didn't think he would be that interested, but he happily washed his hands so he could stroke baby Isaac's head for a few seconds.

So what do you think was his high today? His new bike? Waking up next to Daddy this morning? Tallulah?

It was that he got to stroke Isaac's head because "He is just so cute!". Bless him! He is full of surprises! It made me smile and you never know quite what is going on in a child's mind but this game definitely gives you a window into their world.

So thank you so much for the idea Carolyn!

(No baby photos I'm afraid but here's a pic from our walk today)

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