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Monday, September 2, 2013


Charlotte is 5 today... My first born is old enough for school already. She is growing up way too fast!

Words cannot describe how much we love our little 'Peanut'. It's been an absolute joy to watch her grow into a beautiful young girl.
She has a strong will but a tender heart. She is full of vitality and imagination. She is happy singing and dancing at the top of her voice and yet just as happy sitting quietly painting or colouring.


1st Birthday and the joy of Elmo! 

2nd Birthday spent with friends and family in England

3rd Birthday - the first one in America

4th Birthday and it was all about Princesses

5th birthday - glitter face paint and cupcakes

What a difference five years makes! She has been planning this birthday since Toby's in February! She wanted cupcakes and five presents for turning 5. So we organised a cupcake party at a local restaurant and celebrated with a group of friends this last weekend. 
We decorated the house with a Doc McStuffins theme and today we are planning a quiet day opening presents (5 from us!), a birthday tea with cake and and a trip to the movies and dinner... Your wish is our command little lady! 

Happy 5th birthday Charlotte! 

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