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Monday, April 30, 2012

growing up

This morning, over breakfast looking out over the back yard, Charlotte was chatting away to me and just started to comment on things from the last year. It's really the first time that she has been able to recall things form more than 6 months ago... Like "Mummy we had pumpkins hanging there because it was halloween" or "Mummy we saw the dinosaurs and Izzy was scared and cried and I only cried a little bit".

So she has turned the corner with her memory... She will not be so easy to fool in future and we will have to be very careful from now on!

She is growing up fast but I love it! I always seem to find myself saying that this is my favourite stage.
I am on my own this week whilst Jeremy is in hospital getting treatment for his UC and she gave me just what I needed this morning... She came in to see me at 6:50am and snuggled up to me and gave me a big cuddle. Love her!

And her little brother is such a little man now! He is trying so hard with his language and often puts 2 or more words together. We have been waiting such a long time to hear him talk and it's such a delight! After saying "no way!" to his sister he soon realised he could get things by saying "qweese" after which is his way of saying please... How can I say no?! :)

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