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Monday, April 30, 2012

you crack me up!

We have decided to get 'adjusted' by a Chiropractor.
He came to visit my MOPS group and I was intrigued by his claims of well-being and good health. After hearing rave reviews by friends on facebook we decided to go and see him.
With Jeremy's ill health we decided we would try anything to get him well.
I had no idea what a Chiropractor was, what he would do or why I would go but they are on every corner here so I figured they must do some good!
The first time you go, he takes x-rays of your spine and measures things like how the nerves are working down your spine. The theory is that displacement of your spine causes issues with how your nerves work which affects how well your organs work. They say that after getting adjusted, babies sleep better, they can fix recurrent ear infections or headaches in adults. And your immune system will work better too. It takes more than one visit and they suggest you get adjusted every few months.
So (unsurprisingly) my hips are out of place, twisted and causing me lower back pain. Given the size of my two babies and how I was pretty much pregnant for 2 years I was not surprised. I have been getting lower back pain recently (I really need to stop carrying around the kids) and have had issues in my neck for years.
I was very excited to start my treatment and he did not disappoint!
Do you ever wish someone would just walk across your back or grab your head and 'crack' your neck to get rid of those knots?! Have you ever had a massage and wish they could have 'fixed' you rather than just relax you? Well that is exactly what he does!
My word I have never heard such big cracks when he twists my neck or presses up my back or literally puts his weight on me to twist my hips! Some of the adjustments are a little bit painful, just for a second, but it sounds worse than it is. After only 2 visits (and the adjustments only take 5 minutes) I have much more movement in my neck and am excited to see if he can fix my back too.
We are also taking the kids to be adjusted. They both had pretty harsh births (forceps for one and a c-section for the other) and there are areas that need working on for both of them.
They love the office as it has a fab playroom for them so I can leave them in there whilst I see the doctor. Much easier than trying to take them to the dentist where there is nowhere to play and the visits last well over an hour.. I guess my teeth will just have to wait until both kids are in school.
Today was their first adjustment and they did really well. You have to lie face down on a bed whilst he stretches you or drops part of the bed to manipulate you. Toby cracked me up because he kept giggling and saying "tickle, tickle" when Dr Oscar ran the 'massager' over him. I heard his back crack when Dr Oscar did a move called the blast off and lifted him up whilst arching his back! The kids can't communicate aches and pains as well as us but maybe we will have slightly less grumpy kids in a few weeks!
I hope we will all benefit from visiting Dr Oscar... I'll let you know!

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