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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

our little entertainer

Toby is quite the little entertainer at the moment...

He is currently in the kitchen pretending to sneeze into his cup of water and then laughing his head off!

When I squeeze honey onto his toast, every time without fail, he excitedly shouts "snake!".

If he is feeling obliging, when asked to do something he says "course" which is very sweet.

He sits in the car watching Curious George, laughing his head off even though there is no sound, which makes the 15 minute drive to school a whole lot more entertaining for all of us as his laughter is infectious!

He talks to Diego and Mickey Mouse on the tv shouting out the answer (which is usually correct).

He is much more vocal than Charlotte and openly emotional, showing and telling us when he is happy. Charlotte seems much more reserved and will quietly sit and read a book or watch the tv, taking it all in but not seeming to react.

Toby is obsessed with the swing set. He stands at the back door, trying to get out, shouting swing! He loves to go 'high' and be twisted round so he spins in a circle (thanks Papa!). He could spend hours outside, swinging, dancing to the music on his 'Cars' bike and pushing cars round the sandbox.

Our little man has grown up so much this last couple of weeks. His language, after a slow start, is improving daily and he is starting to shoot up and lose his baby belly! I can still pick him up and throw him around playfully but it won't be long before he is too big or heavy!
I am trying every day to make the most of my baby boy!

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