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Monday, August 27, 2012

not quite vintage chic...

I went to the Allegan Antique Fair again this weekend but this time I took the family. 

I love walking up and down the rows of stalls, taking it all in and trying to imagine how I could use some of the clutter in our house. 

Jeremy and Charlotte loved it - I kept losing Jeremy who was determined to buy a retro Pepsi sign - which he didn't because he took too long to choose one and the seller was nowhere to be seen - oh well maybe next time! 

Charlotte is a lot like me and was in awe of all of the vintage toys, jewellery and garden furniture. She went from table to table. gently touching all of the things, picking them up (nearly giving me a heart attack on numerous occasions!) and excitedly pointing things out to me! 

Toby in the other hand, fell asleep in the car on the way and spent most of the afternoon asleep in the buggy! He got lots of attention as people thought he looked very cute and it meant our shopping experience was a little easier with only one toddler to contend with.

It was a scorching hot day so we cooled off with big cups of lemonade (the delicious homemade variety chilled with half a cup of ice and a whole lemon thrown in!). We also 'snacked' on an elephant ear... A delicious but huge sweet treat - it's a flat fried donut type thing with sugar, cinnamon and apple sauce on top and I think it gets it's name from it's size - it was massive! Almost the width of the double buggy! I wish I had thought to get a photo but it took both of Jeremy's hands to hold it whilst I pushed the kids and fed it to them (and myself of course!!).

Here is one (minus the apple) courtesy of google:

(and I wonder why I can't lose any weight!!)

We walked round for a couple of hours, 'ummed' and 'aahhed' over a few things and ended up just buying a couple of trinkets. We will probably be moving house by the end of the year so we will wait to see what space we have before we buy anything too big.

Anyways I was very pleased with my purchases... Retro diner style salt and pepper shakers -$3, a cute little bracelet for me - $12 (the stall holders were lovely with the kids and gave Charlotte a plastic bead necklace and a little doll for free. Toby had just woken up and was too grumpy to take them up on the offer of a free toy!) and a wire basket - $10 to display lemons and limes in the kitchen:

Not exactly vintage chic but they add a bit of fun and colour into our house which is always good. 

There is one more date in the diary for the fair before then end of the season (being outdoors it only runs from April to September) so maybe we will go again one more time this year! 

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