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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Over the last 2 weeks, the kids did swimming lessons with Brittany's swim school. You can find it on facebook here. Their teacher was Miss Bethany, a college student who swims as a sport and teaches in the summer holidays. The school is based at her family home. They have a pool in a lovely setting in the back yard and I got to hang out there, watching the kids during their lessons. Great when the sun was shining, not so good the day it rained!!

I could only get them booked in for 6 lessons so I was hoping that would be enough.

They were nervous at first but soon warmed up to Miss Bethany. She was lovely with them, calling them a 'silly goose' if they stopped kicking or didn't want to go under the water.
By the end of the second week, she had Charlotte swimming under the water after jumping off the diving board and starting to learn the front crawl - scooping the water and coming up for a breath after 3. She could also swim on her back, kicking her legs and even came down the big water slide a couple of times (she has my fear of heights!).

Toby wasn't too sure at first but by the end, he was happy to put his face, ears and head under the water, was eager to climb up onto the diving board to jump off and started to learn to hold onto a float and kick his legs to move forward.
She worked him hard for the 30 minutes - after every lesson he would pass out in the car!

But the real proof for me was this weekend, when we took them to the beach with our friends. Their kids - Luke and Johnny, who do regular swimming lessons, were more than happy to show Charlotte how to do things like the butterfly stroke and she loved it! She tried to copy everything they did and we could not get her out of the water! She spent hours swimming under the water, without any goggles on, trying to swim further each time.
Both kids were full of confidence in the water which was so good to see. I love being in the water and I so wanted them to learn to swim at a young age, hopefully we can find local lessons over the winter.
I am so proud of my water-babies.

Week One:

Week Two: 

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