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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

book worms

My kids really do love their books. I walked into the playroom the other day and saw this:

It made my heart sing. I know they love each other but sometimes they can be really mean to each other so seeing them sat together, reading books before school, made me so happy. 

A friend gave Charlotte a sing-along book for Christmas last year and she loves them. They are such a good idea for the home or car. We have a couple now and she often puts them into the cd player and sits quietly engrossed. 

This one is an audio book with a few songs thrown in. We picked it up for a dollar from a local consignment store. Today she decided she wanted to listen to it whilst eating her breakfast... I'm all for anything that gives me chance to drink my tea in peace! 

Charlotte loves any kind of book. She will sit by our bookshelf pulling out travel guides and diy manuals, leafing through the pages and pointing out pictures like the Statue of Liberty (she is learning so much about America at school!). 

I hope their love of books will continue throughout their lives. It makes me sad to think paper books are being replaced by Kindles and iPads but I guess that's life... Always moving forward, technology making life a little easier (sometimes). 

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