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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

drive-thru daycare

I mentioned the other day that there is a local drive-thru donut shop. We also have drive-thru banks, coffee shops and I heard that you can drive to some restaurants and they will bring your take out order to the car for you!

But we also have drive-thru preschool.

I drive up to the school, the teachers walk down the path, take my child out of the car and walk them into school. When it's time to collect them, I drive up with a sign in the window saying 'Harper' - our cars don't have reg plates on the front so they don't know who is in the (one of many) black traverse - and they bring my child out to me.

It is designed to prevent kids wandering into the road whilst the parents are chatting outside school. One too many near misses apparently.

I would like to be able to talk to the other Mum's and get to know them but I do have a nice chat to the teachers each day about what the kids have been doing at school.

Charlotte and Toby are fine with it and Toby is cute when he is holding his teacher's hand and looking back waving and shouting "bye bye Mummy, bye bye Charlotte".

Very few people I know live within walking distance of any school, hence the abundance of yellow school buses. Most kids from age 5 and up walk (or some Mums drive them) to the bus stop on the housing estate as early as 7am to catch the bus to school. I think some routes take up to an hour to get to school. I only drive for 15 minutes to take my kids to school, but on the days they are both in preschool (morning for Toby and afternoon for Charlotte), that's quite a lot of time spent in the car!

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