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Friday, November 16, 2012


I went to a MOPS night out last night for a toy swap and to play Bunco.

The toy swap was a great idea... Get the whole group to donate unwanted (but still in good condition) toys. Gather together and draw tickets to take it in turns to hit the table and choose a toy. Do that twice then declare a 'free for all' and pick up anything else you like!

I got the kids a couple of Toy Story puzzles, a Buzz Lightyear and a Mickey Mouse bingo game. They have kept them quiet for the last 30 minutes so we are all happy bunnies this morning. I picked up a couple of other things which Santa will bring in their stockings.

We then headed upstairs for Brownies and Bunco. I had never played it before so it took a fair amount of brain power to understand the rules! But basically you work in pairs on a table of 4 and the aim is to roll 3 dice to get as many of a number as possible. Round 1 you are trying to get 1s, round 2 to get 2s and so on. There are added 'thrills' like 3 of another number gets you 5 points! If your pair wins the round you move up towards the top table (and normally better prizes). It was good fun and a great way to meet ladies from the group who I haven't talked to before.

We weren't playing for big prizes but for some very lovely flower pins that my friend made. I won an orange one which is perfect for the 'fall'.... Though winter is coming - the ground has been covered in a beautiful frost the last few mornings - probably because it's been -2oC - Brrrrrrrrr!!

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