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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a long way to go...

I overheard our 'driver' (the guy in charge of the ma-hoo-sive truck) say something today and I asked him if he was local. It turns out he is from a part of Michigan that is 3 hours away from Kalamazoo. So they (him and one of his team) are staying overnight in a hotel all week.

Imagine the scene - it's his truck so he has to park it up at night at the hotel! Not just the cab but the whole trailer too!

I was surprised he would drive so far for work so I asked him about it. Turns out he does it all the time. They are legally allowed to drive for up to 11 hours per day so he can do jobs in other states like North Carolina (13 hours from Michigan), moving someone from there to Ohio for example.

I know this country is huge and I know Americans often move around the country with work but I did not think about the guys who do the removals. Who work away from home all week, travelling all over the country, moving people around.

It is a small reminder of just how big this country is.

And how people here, will willingly drive for 24 hours to go to Disney or visit family in Texas or for work.

We have yet to do a proper road trip. A 3 or 4 hour journey 'up north' is just seen as a weekend away. Over 'spring break' and the summer, I heard many Moms discussing how to entertain the kids on the epic car journeys they were planning to undertake (and no-one talking about flying). Maybe sometime we will attempt a longer road trip...

Unfortunately the famous 'Route 66' is no longer in existence (apparently it has been replaced by the interstate system with only small parts of it accessible as bypasses and called 'historical route 66') but I'm sure we will find an exciting place to drive to.

I fancy driving 5 hours up to Toronto in Canada, 9 hours to Nashville in Tennessee or maybe we will just hop on a plane and fly to Washington DC or Boston, Massachussets.... Who knows but it is fun to dream about it!

P.S. all of our belongings are sat in that trailer outside some hotel in Kalamazoo... I hope we see them again!

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