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Monday, November 26, 2012

not quite so black friday

Bargains bargains bargains!

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, when all of the retailers have huge sales and people queue round the block to get cheap electronics, toys and nappies.

Some stores opened at 9pm on Thanksgiving night and others at silly o-clock on Friday morning. Friends on Facebook said they drove down the main shopping road and saw loads of people waiting outside the shops in the freezing cold!

I was planning to go and have a look, to people watch and maybe pick up a couple of bargains. But then Jeremy had to do some work at home so I decided to get a few bargains online instead, from the comfort of my sofa!

We did manage a fun trip out on Friday - to the local Christmas tree barn. I hear a lot of people cut their own trees but I don't fancy trying to control 2 toddlers and a saw, so we took the easy option and picked a pre-cut one.

The temperature has dropped recently and there was a bitterly cold wind with a dusting of snow thrown in so we quickly chose a good looking 7ft one and headed into the barn for refuge, popcorn and hot cider (non-alcoholic). They have a great selection of gorgeous decorations and wreaths inside a beautiful barn lit with twinkling Christmas lights. I could have bought half the shop but luckily the kids were keen to explore and had little patience for browsing!

We are a bit early but we spent the rest of the weekend decorating the tree and house for Christmas. Only a couple of baubles suffered a grizzly fate in Charlotte's hands and our house now looks nice and festive.

We also enjoyed watching the local football teams try and get to the bowl (not quite sure what that means) at a friend's house, though the kids preferred to play ping pong in their basement!

And if we didn't get enough bargains on Black Friday, there is Cyber Monday after the weekend when there are lots of online bargains... Speaking of which where did I put my credit card...?!

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