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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the start of something new

So I finally made it to blog-land! I have been meaning to start this for 6 months now and have finally sat down to put pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard.

Why have I decided to write a blog? For a number of reasons...

I spend most of my days with my toddler and preschooler and as amusing as they are, I spend a lot of time having conversations in my head so why not write those thoughts down.

I have a terrible memory and want to save as many precious moments as possible.

I have moved many thousands of miles away from family and friends and want them to know what is happening in our lives.

I hope one day that other people new to the ex-pat life may read this blog and know what a roller-coaster it is.

And because someone told me to. So in memory of him, here I am, hoping to amuse you, inform you, share with you and hoping not to bore you!

As I sit here now (well hanging off the edge of the chair as my 20 month old son is trying to climb onto the chair too) I am looking out over the trees and the green grass of our back garden. The sun is shining and I am rejoicing in all that Autumn has to offer... Stunning autumnal colours as the trees change from green to yellow, gold and red. I drove past a row of trees yesterday that honestly seemed like they were on fire. The heat from them was amazing. I wish I could have stopped the car and taken a photo but I would have caused chaos so I just have the memory of it and the joy of driving past them most days on the way to my daughter's school.

I have attempted to decorate the house for fall (forgive me for mixing English and American terms - that is how my life is at the moment - a mix of two countries!) and Halloween with a mix of home-made and shop bought decorations. I have diversified my craft skills somewhat since I have been here and am loving looking at them every day in the house.

On that note I have also considered employing the professionals and have to sign off now to talk to a man about Christmas lights!

So rest assured I will be back soon,

Bye for now

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