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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

first crush

We decided we wanted to get Charlotte interested in Disney Princesses so whilst we were in Chicago we went into the Disney store. And there we saw Rapunzel who had long flowing hair. At the time, Charlotte would not let me lay a finger on her hair, I couldn't even brush it, never mind tie it back! So I thought that the princess might inspire her... Little did I know just how much!

We also bought her the film on DVD so she could understand who Rapunzel is (and because we want the excuse to go to Disneyland so best get her interested now!). Well she loves it!! We watch it several times a week and over the last few weeks she even just asks for the music on my iphone so she can dance round the room.

She knows the film so well that she recognises the music and knows which part of the film the music is from, even the pieces without words. But her favourite character, the one who makes her face light up, the one who makes her jump up and tell me it is their song is Flynn. Flynn Rider becomes Rapunzel's prince, though he is a bit of a bad guy at the beginning. So I believe this is Charlotte's first crush! And to be honest I don't blame her - he is really quite dishy!

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