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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

chatty man

A few months after Toby was born we realised that he couldn't hear. It turns out that he had 'glue ear' in both ears; a fluid that had built up behind his eardrum and was impeding his hearing to the point where he couldn't hear very much at all.
It took until he was almost one for all of the fluid to drain. 
As a baby he didn't coo or gurgle. I remember seeing him sitting at playgroup, quite happy but in his own little world and he didn't react when you called his name. 
Then one day at playgroup I knew his ears had cleared because it was like the light had be turned on and he suddenly realised all of these other kids were around him. His little face lit up and it was amazing to see him discover a whole new world.
And now, at 20 months old, he is starting to talk and the cutest thing is to listen to him in his room in the evening, chatting away to himself and laughing. 
Of course he has started talking with an american accent, saying words like 'there' and 'yeah' just like his sister.
I like their american accents but it is weird that they don't sound like us... well for now ;-)  

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