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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

falling for fall

Having proper seasons is one of the reasons why I really love Michigan.

Though when we arrived in April we did not know which season we were in! Our first few days were filled with sunshine and a taste of the chill factor. Within 4 weeks we'd seen snow, rain and had a day in the high 80s. That first month felt like a year and not just because of the weather. For me the days seemed to last forever and I remember thinking, was that only last weekend!! The kids did really well with adjusting to our new time zone and surroundings but given they were so young they couldn't tell me how they were feeling so they showed it with almighty tantrums in the supermarket carpark (thanks Charlotte!) and clinging to me every minute (bless him!). 

But a couple of months down the line and we had started to get to grips with everything, Charlotte was in preschool / daycare a couple of days a week, Toby was walking and learning how fun independence could be and June brought fantastic hot sunny weather along with our first visitors.

As I drove up Texas Drive and Milham I saw the trees fill with leaves and the landscape completely transform into lush countryside. Suddenly we couldn't see the park at the back of the house as the garden is lined with tall trees. It is like living in Centre Parks and brought back memories of wonderful holidays in the forest.

Each season also brings the most amazing and colourful flowers. Spring blossoms in bright purples and pinks that are so vibrant you would have thought the trees had been fed food colouring. Tulips on porches, surrounding mailboxes and lining roads. Masses of reds and yellows and pinks. We went to the Tulip festival in Holland, a town about an hour north of us, where there were tulips as far as the eye could see in every shade of red, purple, pink and yellow. We have even bought some bulbs in an attempt to recreate a piece of Holland next Spring. 

And autumn has not disappointed with the trees turning red, orange and yellow. But it was all over too soon and now the leaves are starting to litter the ground and once again we can see the park. Charlotte was looking out of the window of the car yesterday and said "Mummy it looks like Winter" which is too true. Before we know it, the temperature will drop (it's still in the 70s this week) and the snow will fall. Toby was sat on a plastic tray in the kitchen yesterday, I think he was practicing his sledging skills - it certainly looked like that! I am really looking forward to all of the fun that is to be had in the snow and experiencing a 'proper winter'. I am sure the winter will be long and hard but that will make the first blossom of spring all the sweeter.

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