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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the big move

So how did we get here? On an aeroplane!

No seriously, what brought us to America and how was the journey?

Well I met my husband Jeremy at work. We both worked for the same company but in different departments. I had been asked if I wanted to work out here at the headquarters but the time wasn't right so we declined. A Wedding and a daughter later, in 2009, Jeremy was asked if he would like to take an assignment out here. We said yes but put it out of our minds as we were busy welcoming our son into the world.
In May 2010 the ball finally got rolling and we started to plan our new life. Jeremy had been offered a 3 year assignment to work in Global marketing. After a lot of organisation in March 2011 we packed the last of our things, said our goodbyes and boarded the plane.

Saying goodbye to everyone was so hard. We have family and friends spread out all over England and lots of gorgeous little people, some of whom we had barely had time to get to know before we were saying goodbye. Even with such a long time to plan the move it still felt like we hadn't had enough time with everyone.
So hard to say goodbye to friends who had been through so much with me and were a big part of my life. To say goodbye to a friend who didn't have long left on earth. To cuddle the little ones knowing they would be so much bigger next time I saw them.

There have been days when I would have loved to walk through the door of a familiar house, get cosy and spend time with my best friend. Days when I ached to pick up those little ones and give them a big cuddle. Sad days when I received bad news and just wished I could go home to support loved ones.

I think about my friends and family every day. Wondering what they are doing, where they are, how they are doing. I am glued to facebook and email, looking out for glimpses of their lives. Of course there is Skype too which is amazing but not the same.

But we are very excited to be starting a new stage of our lives. To be living the American dream. America is big and exciting and even the small things make me smile. There is so much here to explore, so many new friends to meet, so many memories to make.

The actual move is very stressful. Your life is literally turned upside down. Seriously - when I asked the men from the removal company to empty every box I did not quite mean for them to dump it all out onto our bed! It was like we had been burgled!
There are lots of practical things to sort and the first few weeks are a massive learning curve... How to drive on the other side of the road, find your way round the huge supermarkets, get your Michigan driving licence and pay your medical bills.
We have been blessed with a beautiful house and amazing neighbours who have helped us settle in. One of my neighbours often knocks on the door with a coupon for a clothes shop or an article from the paper about a fun place to take the kids. And for the first few months, I had a wonderful ex-pat who was an absolute angel. She greeted us on our first day at the house with a boot full of food shopping and toys for the kids. Such a shame that she had to move back to the UK recently.

But a lot of that initial stress is behind us now and forgotten with the passing of time. We are settling into the neighbourhood, Charlotte into school, Jeremy into work and Toby has lots of things to keep him amused during the week. But more of that later.

Well I have a little lady sitting next to me reading the Veggie tales bible so I will say bye for now so I can spend a precious few more minutes with her before she goes to bed.

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