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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweet & salty

Chocolate coated pretzels... Oh how I love you!

The soft crack of sweet milk chocolate followed by the crunch of the savoury pretzel. The flavours explode in your mouth leaving a sweet creamy flavour at the front and salty at the back.

I think this is what makes them so flippin moreish!

Charlotte asked me to buy them in the supermarket the other day and I agreed as I thought they would be a good treat after a few hours of swimming.

And they are going down really nicely with a hot cup of tea.
Too nicely.
We've eaten half the tub and it's less than 24 hours since we arrived!
I say we, of course that's just me and the kids!

Best get back to the pool and climb a few more steps up to the big slides!

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