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Saturday, March 23, 2013

March went mad...

March madness is upon us.

No I don't mean the fact it is snowing in Michigan and Manchester right now even though it's the 23rd of March!

And no I don't mean the main part of the breeding season of the European hare (thanks Wikipedia!).

I mean college basketball. 68 teams from across America, competing to be National champions.

Men (and women) all over America are glued to their tvs. Two weeks of virtually non-stop action means a lot of tv watching. Or wives tutting as husbands announce they are driving 2 hours and spending $150 on a ticket to the game to support their team. Basement walls are covered in brackets (your prediction for how the games will go or left blank to fill in as the tournament goes along), bets being made, hopes and dreams shattered as teams fall out one by one.

So far Michigan State and Michigan made it to the second round and Michigan won their game to go through again.

We have lots of friends who support both teams so I'd like to cheer them both on... But it's the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend so I will be shouting for Jenson Button.
Sorry guys but my heart lies with cars!

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