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Friday, March 1, 2013

cookie monster

Our Girl Scout Cookies have arrived! Yippee!

I say "Our" in a loose kind of way. I bought 6 boxes with the intention of taking some back to the UK.

I got them at 5pm. We (the kids and I) ... (OK just I) have already opened two of the boxes.

I get silly excited about things like this. You can't get them in the UK but I loved the Friends episode about Monica eating far too many when she was younger and then Ross trying to sell them. And now we are asked in January if we'd like to put our orders in. Oh yes please, where is my pen?!

And so the diet hits another stumbling block!

My favourites are the lemon ones and the kids love the mint chocolate ones. We'll see how they go down at Easter... If there are any left by then ;)

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