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Friday, March 8, 2013

taxing stuff...

We are busy getting everything together for our US tax return. Everyone in the States has to fill one out and we have already missed the deadline by a week!

There are offices on every corner, offering to help you complete it. Adverts on the television selling their company as the best. People standing on the roadside, dressed as the Statue of Liberty, waving at cars and hoping you will use Liberty Tax this year (the poor sods are out there in the freezing cold for hours on end!).

We pay taxes in the UK and the US and everything is pretty complicated. For example the tax year in the UK is April to April but in the US it is the calendar year.

And of course we don't make life easy by being one of those couples, who every year without fail, swear they will do a better job of filing paperwork... and of course fail!
We even bought two big metal filing cabinets in the hope that would make life easier but it didn't. We are overwhelmed and swamped by daily additions to the pile. We get tons of flyers and catalogues in the mail, pictures and work from preschool on a daily basis (which I have a hard time throwing away... I imagine the kids all grown up asking to see what they made when they were 4. Imagine looking back through the pile with oos and ahhhs and isn't that cute) and the important stuff just kind of gets lost in the piles!

So we are now scrabbling to find everything we need and hope that we do a better job next year!

Now just let me move that pile of paper so I can get to my cup of tea...

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