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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

early mornings

Our kids both have a clock in their room with a light which comes on like an alram. We have them set for 7am and they are not allowed to get up until the light comes on. It's called ok to wake! and it works pretty well. I think Charlotte is like me and wouldn't get up until she had to anyway but Toby is awake early and waits patiently for his light to come on so he can come in to see us (and beg us for breakfast - he leans over and whispers in my ear "breakfast Mummy breakfast?").

Just recently, he has been bringing us 'presents' from his room. It's always the same things... His Ariel pillow (yep she is still "My Ariel" and he still loves her!), his Mickey Mouse from Disney, a teddy that my friend sent me with a bunch of flowers (and is his favourite), a teddy from our friend in Australia and a Taggies blanket.

He comes into the room with them all in his arms and places them on the bed. It's very sweet and I don't really know what he wants us to do with them. But they make their way back to his bedroom, ready for  bedtime that evening.

He looks so sleepy in this photo! 

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