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Friday, December 7, 2012

mince pies

I have been baking mince pies! Yay!

A local shop called 'World Market' sells mincemeat (from Robertsons which is based a few miles from where we got married!) so I was delighted on Sunday to purchase 4 jars!

I made a batch using ready-made shortcrust pastry (I know I was being lazy and didn't want to make too much mess in the kitchen!) but it had a funny aftertaste so I made a load more today from scratch and they are very good (even if I do say so myself!)... Too good! I am supposed to be following the Slimming World diet at the mo and I am pretty sure mince pies do not feature on any of their 'free foods' lists!!

I also bought a packet of pies (playing it safe) to take to my meal swap evening. All of the 5 girls said they'd heard of them but had never eaten one because they didn't fancy meat in a sweet pie! Yep for one they didn't blink twice at the thought that someone would invent a meat pie in a sweet pastry case (they love their sweet/salty here). 2, I'm impressed they'd even heard of them! 3, they really thought 'mincemeat' was actually meat which I totally forgive them for as that is what they are called.

Anyways we heated them up in the oven and they were a big hit! One lady described them as tasting like 'Fall' with a big smile on her face! They eat lots of spicy chutneys over Thanksgiving and spicy pumpkin products so I guess that is a fair description.

Another of my friends rang her Mum after I told her I was going to feed her mince pies... She asked her Mum was mincemeat was and asked if she would like it... Her Mum told her not to worry and that she would love them - and she did!

I am hoping they will be a big hit at my Moms' night out and ex-pat breakfast too... I'm determined to spread mince pie yumminess throughout Kalamazoo!

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