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Friday, December 14, 2012

fishing for reindeer

We decided to go and see some live reindeer as part of our regular Wednesday afternoon play date. My friend found a sports store just out of town that had Santa and a couple of reindeer.

So we packed the kids into the car and drove out on West Main to find them.

We soon found D&R Sports store and parked up. I packed hats and gloves and coats for the kids as I assumed it would be outside but initial inspection showed no signs of them so we went inside to ask.

Now being a sports store, I expected to find racks of track suits, rows of running shoes, baseball gear, basketballs and footballs.


We learned that Santa and his reindeer were at the back of the store, behind rows and rows of fishing gear. In front of the stuffed wolf, deer, squirrels and 8ft bear. Next to the "make your own Jerky... out of the deer you shot during hunting season" seasoning mixes. Which was next to the other bear wearing hunting gear, advertising the camouflage outfits you can purchase.

(That is one of the stuffed animals behind the display on the left)

Hmmm not quite what I was expecting but I don't know why I was surprised. We do live in Michigan, in the countryside, next to a load of fresh water lakes including the small one called Lake Michigan.

The line was quite long so whilst we waited the kids amused themselves by pointing out the stuffed animals and climbing aboard a huge snow mobile... I know what the boys want for Christmas!

We finally got to the front and the kids quite happily walked up to talk to Santa. After a couple of photos he asked Charlotte "what part of Texas is your Mom from?!". Of course I laughed and replied England. "Ah yes, I've been to England... Cambridge, Oxford, Derbyshire..." I told him that we were from Manchester to which he replied "Oh no I didn't make it as far as Manchester." Really Santa?! You fly all over the world on Christmas Eve, make appearances in shopping centres in cities across continents, but you haven't been to Manchester?!

Ok kids, moving on!! (Before they realise what he is saying and there are tears when they think Santa won't be delivering presents to Manchester this year!) Not quite keeping in character!!

Anyway the kids loved seeing and stroking the reindeer though I'm not sure the feelings were reciprocated!

Is it just me or is that Reindeer sticking it's tongue out at Toby?! 

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