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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

cook off...

Yesterday I cooked 40 portions of dinner. A batch of pasta bake and a vat of chilli.

"Why?" I hear you ask! Were we having a party?! Have I suddenly got a job in a restaurant?

Nope. I joined a group of ladies to do a freezer meal swap.

5 of us cooked two different dishes each and made enough to swap meals for all of our families. So my freezer is now stocked with:

Spinach lasagne
Filled pasta shells
Tortilla soup
Tomato and parmesan soup
Potato soup
Egg casserole
Chicken Pot Pie


I spent all afternoon and evening cooking but I probably don't have to cook another meal until next year! (We are leaving for England in 2 weeks which helps!) One of the ladies said she had been thinking about these meals so much that she even dreamt about them last night!

It was hard work planning the meals, shopping for all of the ingredients over the weekend and chopping all that veg (I do not want to see another onion or pepper for a long time!) but well worth it!

Some of the ladies finished off their meals at the house where we all met, so we had a nice evening chatting and chopping herbs and even had time for a baileys before heading home with a boot full of goodies! 

We ate the chilli for dinner last night and tonight we had Mac and cheese that one of the ladies cooked. It was delicious and the kids even went back for seconds which is always a win!

Meal swaps seems to be quite a common thing to do here. I have heard a few people talking about being in a meal swap group. And if someone in our Mum's group has a baby or gets really sick, they start a meal delivery list and people sign up to take them a meal. It's a great idea and really helps build community spirit.

All of the dishes that the other ladies made were very American - loaded with cheese and tomatoes... Mine were heavy on the veggies so I hope they like them and they don't just sit at the bottom of their freezers all year! Dishes that I would normally make for the freezer like fish or shepherd's pie, people here just haven't heard of.

We are doing it again in Feb so I will have to do a bit more research and come up with some more 'common' recipes.

Top: Cooking up a storm
Bottom: Loaded up and ready to go! 

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