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Friday, June 15, 2012


We got this invite today and it made me smile.

For lots of reasons. 

We have a park behind our house which has a baseball field on it which is where the softball will be played. Softball is similar to baseball. I have never played or seen anyone play but I guess I will learn soon! 

It reminds me that we are living in America and instead of meeting for a football match or game of cricket, we have been invited to a softball game.

I love how party organisers invite loads of people and then everyone pitches in by bringing a 'dish to pass'. It's also called 'pot-luck' and is a great way for me to try new dishes. 
There will be lots of american dishes like pulled pork (shredded BBQ pork), chips and dips, burgers, hot dogs, BBQ meatballs and lemonade. 

It will be held on our court. We live on a spacious cul-de-sac and are friends with most of the neighbours who live on the court (there are 8 houses). We have had a few evenings gathered round a  firepit on one of the driveways. The kids play in the front or back yard whilst the adults sit around with a beer, eating s'mores and chilling out. 

There is no guarantee it will be dry on the day as the weather in Michigan can be quite unpredictable but there is a good chance that by the end of June, it will be hot and sunny! 

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