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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today was Charlotte's dance recital with her dance school 'Excel'.

She started doing ballet and tap in September last year. Our neighbour goes to the same dance school and she spent the summer dancing in front of the tv or to music on the ipod so we decided to try it and see how she got on. I remember when she could barely walk, she would 'rock out' to indie and rock stations on the radio. She loves to sing and dance though time will tell if she has more enthusiasm than talent! 

On her way into Excel dance for the first time, Sep 2011: 

She looks so young here! 

The recital was held at the high school in Paw Paw which is a town about 20 minutes from us. 
It's a huge building with a purpose built auditorium. I think the school has about 650 kids. 

The school: 

The outside of the auditorium:

Charlotte and her class have been practicing their tap dance since January. 
There are 3 groups in her 'act' and she was one of the blue birds from the movie 'Rio'. The others we red and yellow which looked great on the stage. Her costume was full of feathers and sequins which she loved. 

Here she is with her teacher Ms Lynn:

Since March and since we went to and from England twice and had visitors for Christmas, she has been quite unsettled and lacking in confidence. She used to practically jump out of the car at school or run into her dance class but I have noticed recently that she has gone all shy and clings to me. She had also started to just stand still during her dance lessons (especially if she caught me peeking through the window!) so I had no expectations for recital day. I expected she might just stand there and prayed she wouldn't get scared and cry. I just wanted her to enjoy herself. 

She has worked so hard, practising every week at dance class and at home using video footage from 'peek week' to help her remember the steps. We've had the music on in the car and I have spent a lot of time telling her she is a good dancer and trying to build up her confidence. 

Well she blew me away! She danced the whole routine during the rehearsal which made her teacher cry with pride and she did an amazing job during the actual recital, dancing and smiling the whole way through. I was crying my eyes out at the end and my heart was full of pride for her. She made us so happy. I am still smiling thinking about it a few hours later and hope I will remember today for a long time. The feeling of pride and joy watching my little girl dance. 

I think today was great for her confidence. She earned a prize for doing a good job (we gave her a doctors kit which she loves!) and we presented her with a bunch of glittery gerbera daisies when she got off the stage. 

She said she had lots of fun (she spent most of it smiling) and has been bouncing around the house ever since. 

At the rehearsal:

The big show: 

Toby loved the show and sat for an hour bouncing on my knee (he especially loved the hip hop rountine) and clapping after each performance. 

Flowers for my big girl:

What a day... I can't wait for next year! 

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