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Friday, June 1, 2012

flight risk

I have a 2 year old boy.

He is gorgeous and it is fun to see how different he is from his sister.

But boys get into trouble so much easier than girls and that can make life quite stressful!

We went to the 'Party in the park' in downtown this week. It was a free event put on by the Kalamazoo library. Mums and preschool age children converged on the big park and volunteers from the library sat down with small groups and read stories to the kids. Some of them were dressed up too - Charlotte was very excited to see Winnie the Pooh and Curious George.
I went with some of the MOPS Mums and we had a great time watching the kids and chatting to each other.

Toby had other ideas. He is not one to sit still! He was off rolling down the hill with a little girl who was from the group next to us and kept wandering off to see what the other kids were up to. He is so nosey and does not fear being away form me like Charlotte does. She is going through a really shy phase and was more interested in reading the book she was given in her goodie bag and munching on the bag of cookies she found in there too.

So I was chatting away trying to keep an eye on both kids when I suddenly realised Toby was not there.

After a few seconds of looking round the area where we sat I started to panic. Reality hit and I knew he had taken off.

I told my friends and they started looking for him whilst I got help from the volunteers.

It was the worst few minutes. They wanted me to stay and tell them what he looked like etc but I just wanted to get round the park and find him. Luckily some of the volunteers also work at the playgroup we go to so they knew me and him.

I tried to stay calm and methodically work my way round with Charlotte to find him. I felt sick to my stomach and started to imagine he had been run over or snatched.

Thankfully as soon as they had announced that he was missing my friend found him! One of the volunteers picked him up and brought him back to me.

The cheeky monkey was not at all phased and just had a big smile as he shouted "Mummy!"
He had made his way into the middle of the park and was about to take a swim in the pool!! I love his sense of curiosity but wish he wasn't quite so adventurous!!

I'm grateful that he wasn't upset or traumatised but I don't know how he will learn not to wander off.

I felt like the worst Mother. Who loses their child like that?! You sometimes hear announcements at events and are so glad it's not you.

We left soon after. I am glad we went to the party and the kids enjoyed it but it makes me realise that having 2 toddlers on a day trip is not easy and I need to employ some better tactics to keeping him restrained!

But to end on a good note... Here are some photos of the day:

Toby (possibly deciding when to make a run for it) and Charlotte waiting for the stories

Excited to see 'Curious George' and 'The Man'

A sheep (poor guy!)

A frog (seriously grateful to these poor volunteers!)

Photo opportunity as we were leaving (Toby was securely fastened into his buggy!) 

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