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Sunday, June 17, 2012

demolition derby

Our neighbours suggested a great night out for the kids (and us!)... The demolition derby at the Kalamazoo Speedway. I have been there before to watch the racing but not with the kids. However we thought the kids would love seeing the cars crash into each other so we headed down there after dinner last night.

It was forecast for thunderstorms so we packed a bag of umbrellas but luckily there was just a rain shower whilst we were on our way. It had been hot (30oC) and sunny all morning but the sky had gone grey and the temp had dropped (20oC) so apart from the bleachers (stadium seats) being a bit damp it was quite pleasant sitting watching the track. In true (weird) Michigan style, once the clouds cleared, the sun came out (at 7:30pm!) and it actually got really hot and humid again!

Anyways back to the racing!

The first cars out were the most bizarre 'mini stock' cars.

They seemed to be go-karts with a shell. The drivers looked like they had huge heads and were out of proportion to the cars. It took a while to realise the cars' 'lights' were actually stickers on the body work!

And then the demolition started.

The cars were pretty battered before the race even began. I have to say that at one point I thought it was the slowest race I'd ever seen... But I hadn't seen the tractor race by this point! Anyway they provided much fun as they 'raced' round the track, pushing each other off or into the tyre walls. I have also never seen so many drivers cut corners or just blatantly drive through the tyre wall rather than go round!

The kids loved it. Well I think Toby might have enjoyed the popcorn and climbing over the bleachers more than the racing but he did sit still for some of the racing.

Charlotte however was jumping up and down and cheering every time a car banged into another. She loved it and did not want to leave!

We were about to head home when they announced the next event was "garden tractor demolition derby". What?! Did I hear that right?!
Oh yes there they are, lined up and waiting to head onto the track. Well we couldn't miss seeing this so we stayed in our seats, eagerly awaiting the action.

And it did not disappoint! Lawn mowers with a racing seat installed, driving into each other to earn points! The highlight had to be one of them falling over (in a comedy fashion) and another that tried to carry on with only 3 wheels!! Only in America!!

And so concluded our kids' first live race experience. One to be remembered and hopefully repeated for many years to come! Can't wait to take them to an F1 race one day!

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