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Sunday, June 24, 2012

old enough to be an antique!

On the last Sunday of each month there is an Antique fair in Allegan and I went today with my friend Ashley. 

We both have a passion for crafts and clutter so this fair is right up our street. Allegan County is about 45 minutes North West of Kalamazoo and was so easy to get to. It still amazes me how far I drive to get to things here. I would never have driven to Huddersfield for an Antique's fair but here I didn;t even think about it. 

I met her there and we spent a good few hours browsing round each of the stalls. 

There were so many stalls and so many wonderful things to look at. From old jars, vases and bottles in different shades of green and blue to wire and wooden baskets, perfect for novelty storage or garden displays. 
Vintage Fisher Price toys - yes the ones I used to play with... I am old enough that my childhood toys are antiques!!
Framed chalk boards, furniture, mirrors, linens, stamps, old postcards (some with writing on that dated back years ago), spoons, wooden scrabble tiles (we searched for ages for an 'M' to complete Ashley's surname with no joy but it was fun looking!), wooden pepsi crates, metal washtubs, globes, guns... You name it they had one there! 

I had a couple of things in mind that I was looking for. A new fruit bowl as the kids love helping themselves to apples and bananas and I needed a bigger one and maybe some blue glass. But as I went round with Ashley, she helped me to see how things I would have dismissed could be made to look great. I am hoping to return next month to pick up a couple more things but I did come home with a cool present for Jeremy, 3 Lee Child books for him (I love looking through books) and my bargain of the day - a set of brightly coloured stacking Pyrex dishes. 

I have a couple of Pyrex casserole dishes that I inherited from my Grandma and I am trying to 'decorate' the kitchen with multi coloured accessories. I have a red mixer and brightly coloured chopping boards from Joseph Joseph so when I saw these I knew they would be perfect:

They now have pride of place on top of the fridge. 

And the biggest one is perfect as my new fruit bowl:

I am no good at haggling. It makes me embarrassed and I don't know how low to go. The set of 4 bowls were $68 and in good condition. Thankfully Ashley reminded me that I had nothing to lose and suggested I offer $50... So I did and she took my offer! Yippee! Bargain! 
The colours make me happy, I am pleased I got them for a bargain price (£8 per bowl) and they will always remind me of my first trip to the Allegan Antique fair with Ashley. 

The sun was shining and I got to rummage through clutter for hours, chatting and laughing with a friend...  
What a perfect afternoon! 

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