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Sunday, July 22, 2012

kindergarten cop

Today Jeremy told me that he felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mmmmm really?

Oh I see....

Because we taught the Kindergarten class at Church today!

When we go to Church, Toby goes to the nursery and Charlotte attends the preschool class which is part of the Church youth group - Amplify.

I have been curious to see what the kids get up to whilst we are in Church and my neighbour who is the 4th and 5th grade teacher advised me to sit in on a class one day.

So when I saw an email asking for help I volunteered. And when I say help, I thought I would maybe read a story, help with some colouring. But oh no I got asked to be the actual teacher for the 11am kindergarten class and it turns out there wouldn't be anyone helping me! Uh oh! I really don't do things by half do I?!

I got a handful of papers to read through the night before with suggested games to play, role play and team games plus the bible passage and memory verse.

Given I haven't taught sunday school since I was a teenager (too many years to think!) I decided to help out at the 9am service to see what I was letting myself in for and enlisted Jeremy's help with my 11am class. I had no idea how many kids there would be and if they would even understand me!

Things started off well when I welcomed 'Hannah' into the class, only to be told by her that it wasn't 'Hannah' but 'Haaa-nnah' (you know with a Michigan drawl!) I had to laugh! Sorry Haaa-nah'!

But it got better from there. We only had 5 little girls and after a while they warmed up to the slightly strange (think beaming smiles, funny accents, over enthusiastic pair that Jeremy and I are together) and we all had a good morning.

All the small kids meet in a room called the 'Oasis' which is like a small Worship room complete with stage and big screen. We sang some songs, complete with actions and listened to a Bible story. The little boys from another class were all fascinated to see Jeremy and wanted to talk to him which was funny. I think most of the teachers are women.... Bless Jeremy, he really would do anything for me.

Then it was time for the small groups to head back to their rooms for role play and action games, colouring, stories and snacks.

The little girls in our class were ever so sweet and I really enjoyed my morning with both classes. It was great to see what they all do and what kind of things they are taught. And also good to meet some of the teachers and the youth ministry leader.

Who knows, I might be a fully fledged Kindergarten teacher by this time next year!

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