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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I am not going up that mountain...


I seriously said to Jeremy on the way to Whistler - quote: "I'm sorry Jeremy but I do not like cable cars, they make me feel sick. I don't mind if you want to go on your own, I will sit and drink hot chocolate but I am not going up a mountain on chair lift or in cable car. No way."

Famous last words!

So why did I do it? What changed my mind? My kids for one. Not wanting regrets for two.
I hate heights. They make me sick and dizzy and make me freak out. It is not rational and I cannot control it. I cannot explain it and if you are fine with heights you will never understand it.
But one day I hope to go skiing and if you want to ski down a mountain, you have to get up a mountain. On a chair lift. So surely it is best to try one out in the summer, without the kids, before committing to a family skiing trip?

Well yes and that is why I agreed to go half way up the mountain on an open chair lift. And I survived. And the views were spectacular. And we saw more bears. And it was so quiet and peaceful. And I wanted to get to the top.
So we went on another one.
And a cable car which was 1427ft above the valley and the longest unsuspended cable car in the world.
And another open chair lift to get to the top of the other mountain. To see the view and touch the snow.

It was one of the most amazing things I have done in a long time and I am so glad I was brave and had Jeremy by my side to hold my hand.

The start:

After the first chair lift:

Time for a latte half way up:

In the peak-to-peak cable car, just about smiling through gritted teeth! I could look left and right but not ahead at the other cars because it drops down the side of one mountain and climbs back up the other and that freaked me out! And I definitely could not look down!:

Yes those tiny red dots are other cable cars about to go down the mountain! We were supposed to be going across or so I thought!:

Distance between Whistler and Blackcomb gondola stations: 2.73 miles:

Almost there:

I did it!:

That black thing at the top of the mountain behind me is supposed to be black onyx that never gets snow on it as it is heated from the earth's core. So some guy said who took our picture!

On top of the world. (Or at least that is what it felt like!):

One of the open chair lifts. This is the one from the very top down to where the peak-to-peak cable car dropped us off. I managed to snap this before stowing my phone away and clinging on for dear life!: 

After our adventure up the mountains, we found an irish pub and celebrated with a big glass of cider before heading back to the hotel for a quick swim in the outdoor pool. It was chilly up the mountain (we remembered to put sunscreen on) but warm enough - about 25oC to swim outside.

We finished our Whistler trip with dinner at Araxi restaurant. The food was delicious!:

Seared tuna to start, lobster for me, halibut for Jeremy then a raspberry and cream dessert to finish. 

Vancouver here we come... I'll tell you about that part of the trip another day! 

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