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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have started following other people's blogs; people who write about crafts, their lives, photography and food.
One lady I follow, who lives in Australia - www.fatmumslim.com.au posts a list each month of photos to take each day in that month and post to instagram or facebook using a hash tag to follow everyone's pictures.
It's fun to see everyone's take on the subject and makes you see every day objects in a new light.

If you don't have Instagram on your smart phone or iPad you can view my instagram pics here: http://instagrid.me/rharp_legalalien/

July is there first month I have joined in with the fun and here are my photos:

1. Self portrait: Me and my boy
2. Busy: exercising at Stroller strides
3. Best part of the day: lunchtime - an excuse to stop and sit down! 

4. Fun: bucket of fun from the parade! 
5. On the floor: this is what we saw when we opened the door of our rental car in Vancouver. 
A convertible mustang! Sweet! 
6. Chair: an open chair lift ride up the mountains in Whistler
7. Garden: rooftop gardens in Vancouver

8. Lunch: a salmon burger on our bike tour of Stanley Park in Vancouver
9. Big: need I say more?!
10. My favourite colour - multicolour! 
11. Letter - C. For cafe and coffee and children and chilled. 
And my daughter's initial. C. One of my favourite letters. 

12. Texture: fluffy ' bear rabbit'
13. Open - I love that my kids have so much open space to run round in outside our house
14: Building - the roof of our local farmers' market - this place is good for your soul! 
15: Finger - many fingers make light work. 
Granny helping Toby at his art class (the only photo not taken on the day)

16. Sign: Toby's bedroom door
17. Your (new) addiction: Coffee - of the decaff skinny latte variety
18. Plate - Here is 'one I made earlier'
19. Animal - The cow on the carton (though Toby is a cheeky monkey sometimes!)

20. Eyes - My daughter's but they look exactly like mine! 
21. 9 o'clock - I was out running and did 10 miles!
22. Upside down - keyring
23. Mirror - in our bathroom

24. A stranger - staff in the local supermarket D&W 
25. Heart - Bread and jam - Yum! 
26. Sunshine 
27. On the road - it's finally raining in Kalamazoo! 

28. Cup - for our Olympics party
29: Last thing you bought - my Canon Rebel T3i 
30: Calm - quiet time in front of a movie. Sad to say goodbye to our recent house guests
31: Toothbrush - his and hers

That's was fun... Think I will do it again in August! 

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