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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I saw this 'game' on another blog today - jones design company and thought it was fun.
What am I doing currently?

Loving: That the temperature has dropped and we can finally play outside without the threat of heat exhaustion!

Reading: I am reading a great book (that I heard about on the afore mentioned blog) called 7: A mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker. It is a true story of how she and her family took seven months, identified seven areas of excess and tried to cut back. In things like food, clothing, media and spending. It is very inspirational and I hope to try and follow in some of the areas.

Waiting for: Three sets of visitors to arrive. The first family will be here on Friday afternoon, the next family a week later and then another friend flies in from Australia. Looking forward to a house full of people and lots of fun and laughter!

Excited about: Our trip to Disney Land in a couple of months. I am more excited than the kids!! I have never been before so I don't even know the half of it! Glee!

Missing: My friends and family back in England.

Trying to: Lose weight. Aren't I always?! Well I am trying to make good food choices but I don't always succeed. And I guess making everyone walk to the icecream shop last night doesn't really count!

Working on: Printing out and scrapbooking this blog. I have had to stop as I have to get ready for our visitors but will finish it off in a few weeks! Yay!

Enjoying: Time with the kids before they go to pre-school in September and I am all alone for 2 days a week!

Using: My kitchen aid mixer to make gluten free cakes and bread for Jeremy. He is doing so well with making good food choices and I want to support him as much as possible.

Wearing: My new sparkly Swarovski bracelet that Jeremy bought me for my birthday.

Planning: Christmas! I know how can I possibly think about Christmas in the summer but living as an ex-pat, you have to be thinking ahead all the time.
We have to book our flights as soon as possible, especially if we are going back at Christmas. We want to make sure everyone knows we are coming so we can find time to see them all. And I need to buy small but thoughtful presents that we can fit into our cases. So yep I am thinking about Christmas already! Sigh.

Singing: You've heard me sing right? Well you can understand why Toby is going through a phase of shouting "Stop" and putting his hand up to my face if I try to sing around him! Thanks Tobes!

Learning: I am hoping to buy a new camera so I am trying to figure out what 18-55mm means and T3i vs 5100 etc. Once I get it I will have a whole manual to learn!

Listening: My brother's worship cd. Very calming.

Wishing: We had a decision on our housing. Wishing we could stay where we are for longer.

Doing: Sitting at the table outside, looking at my bright pink flowers, listening to the wind in the trees and typing, whilst my little girl is sat next to me, sucking her thumb and twiddling her pig tails whilst reading her Princess book.

Dreaming of: I wish I could remember. I woke up this morning, remembered my dream, went to tell Jeremy and promptly forgot. I am fascinated by how our brains work!

Well I am going to sign off and read a story to Charlotte - she has brought me her Baby Girl Bible :)

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