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Monday, July 16, 2012

it's getting hot in here

It has been so hot here lately! We had an unusually hot March which brought all of the tulips and fruit on early which was a disaster when we had frost at night.

June and July have been soooo hot! We have highs of 100oF (40oC), day after day.

There were warnings on the news to ask people not to set off fireworks in their back yards because the grass was so dry they were worried about fires. We had the sprinklers on before we lit our fireworks on the 4th July and we had a bucket of water on standby so we managed a 30 minute display without any disasters!

Someone described the grass as 'August lawns', brown and dried out like straw. We have a sprinkler system that goes on once a day and it isn't enough. I went to a park and there are trees that look like they have hit Autumn...Their leaves have turned brown and look like they are going to fall off. We are supposed to be enjoying a lush green summer but it's too hot to even play outside.

The county have a burn ban at the moment. We are not supposed to have bonfires, campfires or even fire pits in our yards. They are mainly worried about forest fires. It's amazing to think that we live somewhere that lives under the threat of forest fires!

They also have cooling centres open to the public. Places like shopping malls and churches where people who don't have air conditioning are encouraged to go to cool off in this weather.

Whilst we are enjoying record high temperatures for June and July I can't quite believe that England has had record rainfall. A month of rainfall in 24 hours. Swollen rivers, floods, sodden land. The corn in Michigan is dying of thirst whilst the crops in England are being washed away.

I found these 2 news stories on the 4th July:

Here is this weeks' weather forecast for here:

And my home town: 

Oh dear... Nuff said!! :( 

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